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Sunday weigh up (14th sept)

Good morning fitbloggers

This week has been a pretty standard, but there has been some achievements as well as some bad news.

To start with the good, I’ve done my second 5 mile run and I no longer feel like me goin to die after. I now feel I can just keep going. Oh and I hit 500 followers. So happy.

The bad news is I lost my job friday so the last couple days I’ve skipped the gym and eaten out twice.

Today I’m back on it though, no more pity party. I’ll hit the gym later and sort out my CV and get proactive.

But anyway this is what my week looked like:-

Monday - Krav Maga class
Tuesday - Krav Maga class
Wednesday - A hour at the gym
Thursday - 5 mile run.
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - gym later

Wishing very one love and luck

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Posted 1 week ago

Missed krav tonight as I had alot to do at home, but I still squeezed in a run.

Did another, just shy of, 5 miles.

Running on achey legs is horrible, but I did what I wanted and smashed my 5k PR. 😊

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Sweaty sweaty girl.

Hit the gym late and solo tonight. I got in, got it done and left.
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Strong women.

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Night 2 of 3 at krav.
Tonight bat attacks/defence.

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Posted 1 week ago

Too cute not to blog.

Some old t shirts are seriously being attacked with scissors later.

Snip snip.

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Good morning fitbloggers

It’s that time of the week again when I look back at my week and judge whether it’s been a good or bad one.

This week I think has been pretty amazing, I’ve surprised myself more than once at how far I can push myself physically and mentally.

So this is what my week looked like:-

Monday -A hour in the gym (cardio) plus Krav Maga class
Tuesday - A hour in the gym(full body)
Wednesday - A hour in the gym (tri cardio)
Thursday - Krav Maga Class
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - 4.7 mile run
Sunday - A hour in the gym later

I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved this week, I’ve had a couple moments where I’ve felt like why bother, but I’ve quick snapped out of it

Next week I have nothing special planned, fitness wise. I may get an hour of bouldering in Wednesday night if I don’t visit my friend, if not it’ll be the normal hour at the gym.

I hope everyone has had the week they’ve wanted and deserve.

Lots of love Sam

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Little bit of a naughty dinner tonight.
Chicken and pancetta salad with grilled halloumi, courgette, peppers and mushrooms.
Nom nom nom. 😄

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Run run run…..tonight I needed some me time and a run was the way to get it.
Nearly 5 miles, which I’m really pleased with.
Feeling amazing now.
I love a good run to wake me up and clear my head.

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I ♡ crossfit.

I ♡ crossfit.

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Don’t make excuses, excuses don’t get results.

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When you prepare your meals ahead of time I see that you had 8 containers. Is that for 8 lunches? How do you keep it fresh? I'm trying to get better at my meal planning : )
scottierica asked

Hello, I tend to make 8 as I work only 4 days and I like the option to eat with friends or have something hot on my days off.
I just keep them in the fridge and they stay good for at least 5 days, but it does depend on what the food is.

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Krav tonight and look I found a mirror. 😄

Wasn’t overly feeling it tonight, but no way was i gona skip it.