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Photo less gym post

Ok yes I may have had one too many adult beverages last night and got home a very indecent hour, but I still managed to drag myself to the gym.

I may not have done as much as I normally would, but I still got stuff done.

Tonight I did:-

10 min fast pace row

10 x kettlebell burpees (12kg)
10 x goblet squats (12kg)

10 x sit ups
10 x walking lunges

10 x leg raises (dip station)
10 x knee raises (dip station)

Not bad, I think, for 45 mins.

Tonight I forgot my Polar, so no calorie count.

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Feeling of the day.

Feeling of the day.

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Total sweatfest.

Today was pretty cheeky.

We did:-

A body weight pyramid for 6 rounds.

10 burpees
15 push ups
20 mountain climbers
25 sit ups
30 squats
45 secs plank

It’s was killer, but we kept going even after wanting to vomit on the last round.
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Core and cardio.
Today was a quick 1hr blast at the gym and now I’m feel great.

10 min bike warm up

Using the resistance machine I did:-

4 sets of 10 low twists

4 sets of 10 high twists

Using the dip station I did:-

4 sets of 10 leg raises

4 sets of 10 knee ups

20 min run

One day I will have abs. 😂
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This is the killer hiit.

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Today I may have killed my mate and possibly myself. 😕

We did the 4/20 hiit and it was brutal.

Both felt like we were gona vomit.

A sign of a successful session I think. Lol

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My regular gym buddy abandoned me, so I just replaced him 😝. Nice lifting sesh today. All upper body and a little cardio.

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I heart wonder woman.

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Tumblr right of passage - random 9 questions

My Questions and answers as requested by retrobanjo

1) If you had to dispose of a dead body, how would you do it?

Breaking bad style, melt them with chemicals (in a plastic bucket, not in a bath. Lol)

2) What is your favorite movie line or scene?

American psycho - The Huey Lewis scene. Absolutely brilliant

3) If you could dis-invent one thing, what would it be?

I would dis-invest childrens toys with batteries. Being a nanny I know too many Fisher price toy tunes.

4) What household chore have you never done?

I have never cleaned behind the radiators, because who seriously does that. Lol

5) What one thing annoys you most at a restaurant?

The tip being automatically added to the bill.

6) If fat, calories, cholesterol, etc were not an issue, what two foods would you feast on?

Umm definitely chip shop chips and garlic mayo… hungry now :(

7) What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?

Currently it’s the whole of the new Sia’s album, soooo good.

8) If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?

Sam Briggs in a heart beat, I love this woman so much. She is definitely my inspiration.

9) Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?

None that I’m aware of. Do I look like anyone?

Now I guess I nominate some of you guys to answer some questions, so here goes

1) What is your greatest achievement so far?

2) If you were a type of animal which one would you be and why?

3) Would you survive a zombie attack and if so how?

4) What’s the meaning of life?

5) What’s your favourite power song?

6) When you’re feeling Ill what makes you feel better?

7) where did you last go on holiday and did you enjoy it?

8) Can you play an instrument if so which one?

9) What’s your favourite line/episode of Friends?

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Woo hoo.

After a week away on holiday. I was back at the gym today.

Oh how I’ve missed you. 😍 hehe

lovely seeing @animystic_synthesia in pasting too.

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I’m back

Hello all,

Just a quick post to say I’m back from my holiday to Amsterdam.

It was such a wonderful city, but I’m happy to be back home.

Hope you’ve all had a great week.

Love Sam


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Check out these guns. 💪 hehe.

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In the words of my mudder mate ‘Slow motion bad ass trio’

These guys made TM for me.

So awesome.

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Sunday weigh up (17th Aug)

Good morning,

This week I feel I have done amazingly.

Not only have a gone to all three Krav classes this week, but yesterday I completed the South West Tough mudder course and hardly got out of breath.

I feel I absolutely smashed it. I trained like a crazy person to get ready for TM and I think in the end it all paid off.

This is what my week looked like:-

Monday - Krav Maga class
Tuesday - Krav maga class
Wednesday - Running
Thursday - Krav maga class
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Tough Mudder
Sunday - Rest day

After completing TM I can’t wait to start training for spartan which is next summer and I’ve all ready signing up (well pre registered) for next years TM.

So many races so little time.

Next challenge is my P3 (krav maga) grading, luckily because of my holiday, I’m skipping this one but I should be doing it in November.

Well this is the last you’ll hear from me for jus under a week (apart from the pics of TM ill post later) it’s holiday time. Woo hoo. Well deserved I think.

See you all soon

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Tough mudder u have been conquered. See u again next year.